Discord Overlay

Watch this video on YouTube.
If you have any questions please /w me in game (Rafiki on Kadum) or in Discord Rafiki#1337
Discord Overlay In Archeage


Set Discord to run as an administrator when launching, to do this click on your start button and type in ‘Discord’ once that pops up, right click and choose Open File Location
With that now open, right click and choose Properties
With the properties window open, choose the compatibility tab, put a checkmark on Run this program as an administrator and then click apply
With discord open go ahead and click the User Settings button
Next go under Activity Status and ensure the OVERLAY is set to ON
Lastly go under the Game Overlay and ensure its enabled. (Also take note of the toggle key combo as you’ll need that for later)
Now when you talk in game, you’ll see your name (and others), if you’d like to move where the names are displayed hit the key combination I made mention of above.