Paying With Cryptocoins

Hello and welcome to another tutorial; in this I will be showing you how to get credits in ArcheRage via crypto-coin (I’ll be using BTC, but you can also donate via ETH & LTC)

The first thing you’ll need to do is register at a crypto-coin website (This will give you a way to purchase, sell & trade BTC, ETH & LTC) Personally I recommend CoinBase and have had zero issues but you could always search Google for a different website.

Once you are registered at a place for crypto-coins go ahead and register at ShadowCard’s Website

Once registered there, go ahead and click ‘BUY’ at the top of Shadow Card’s website

Now that you are at the buy page, go ahead and click the value you wish to purchase

Once you choose a value you’ll be given a page that looks similar to the one below, please note the RED circles item and the GREEN circled item as you’ll need both of these later on…

Great, so now we know exactly how much BTC we need to purchase, head back to your crypto-coin’s website and purchase the correct amount (The image below shows how to do this on CoinBase if you are on a different website the steps may differ)
Click on Buy & Sell, then click on the BTC text to change this from purchasing your currency to purchasing the amount of coins…

Great now enter the amount of BTC stated on ShadowCards website (In my case that would be 0.0008184 BTC, once thats entered click Review Order (Note, if this is your 1st time buying after clicking Review Order it’ll tell you to BUY the coins with a creditcard / paypal / emt, so do that)

Once you’ve clicked review order & your account has the BTC on it, you’ll now click Send & Receive at the top

Enter the amount of BTC to transfer, then click To, and enter the wallet address provided on ShadowCards website (that would be the GREEN circled item that you seen in the previous steps) you should now have a page that looks like the one below.

Click Preview Send, click Self-Custody Wallet.
Once thats done, its now a waiting game for ShadowCards website to indicate it’s received its BTC; (I’ve noticed it can take a few minutes to 45ish minutes so if it doesn’t appear there right away just give it some time.) I generally re-fresh ShadowCard’s website every 5-10 minutes until I see it’s Available

Once the BTC have arrived, you’ll see a screen similar to the one below, copy the hash that is circled in red below.

Great!, we are almost done, now log into ArcheRage’s website and where it says “Not Enough Credits? CHARGE!” click that.

Next scroll down a pinch and you should see a spot to put in your has from the shadowcard’s website and click Go

Congrats, thats all you need to do!

If you have any questions please feel free to DM me in Discord, my username is caveman.sean